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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monday Memorial Day May 31st

My mate Dave and I arrived at the boat bright and early ready for yet another beautiful day out on the water.  By 6:45 it became obvious that the party that booked us for the day was going to be a no-show.  After repeated calls to the person who booked the trip went directly to voicemail we decided to take advantage of the fresh bait and gorgeous day and do a little fun fishing.   After the mad house we witnessed on the reef the day before I decided to run a little further away from the crowds.  The extra time  and effort paid off big time!!  The crew and I were treated to several hours of drop and reel fishing for big humpy back seabass, ling and keeper size cod.  I shot a short video, sorry it’s a little choppy I was playing both angler and camera man.  


Sunday May 30th

Had Bob D’Alessandro and Friends from Pinebrook, NJ along with Mike Bodner and Son from Philadelphia out for a combo Striper/ Seabass trip.   Made bait pretty easily off Sprint Lake and moved north to look for some bass.  After two and half hours with not even a sniff on the bunker  and the crew hearing about the awesome wreck fishing we had the day before they  unanimously voted to make the switch.   We set up on small piece of structure and had the rods bent before the anchor lines were tight.  Just like the day before, a very steady pick of Seabass  ending the day with close to 50 in the box.


Saturday May 29th


Started off the weekend with good customers Denny & Kenny  Oh who brought along some friends, also on board was Mark from North Dakota who was in town visiting some family.  I had to attend a memorial service in the morning, so we push off a little after 1:00pm.  The report on the morning striper bite was nothing to get excited about and with the wind starting to kick up out of the South we decided to go right to plan “B” and hit some wrecks.  The ride out was a little sporty but once we got on the hook it was pretty tolerable.   The group was treated to a nice steady pick and combined to put over 40 nice size seabass in the box.



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