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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuna and Marlin in the Hudson Canyon

79WhiteMarlin.JPGBack out to the edge on Friday July 9th, left Manasquan a couple a minutes before Midnight for the slow ride out to the Hudson.  Arrived at our first stop to find very warm water but little life, so I decided to run a little further which turned out to be the right decision, within the fifteen minutes of putting the lines out the long bait gets hammered by something BIG.   We clear all the lines and settle in for what I thought was going to be a long fight, but it only lasted a couple of minutes.  Whatever it was it was big, the hook on the lure it hit came back to boat straightened!  Another ten minutes of trolling and we get another knock down but it never comes tight, starting to think today was going to be one of those days.  Just then I start marking all kinds of bait with fish underneath and hear the unmistakable pop of the line coming out of the outrigger clip and a 50 playing my favorite song.   Then I hear it again and then one more time…..three on!!  We go three for three on nice quality size yellow fins.  We work the area hard for the next few hours but no more takers.  About mid morning, just as everyone was starting to get lulled asleep by the warmth of the sun and the drone of the motors, the center rigger goes off and it’s game on with a very nice white marlin.  We pulled him on board took a couple of pictures, put a tag in his back and set him free to fight another day.  Ended the day back where we started going one for one on another yellow fin. 


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