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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blue Fin Tuna Jigging

8_1_Warren.JPGMade the run out to the mid grounds for some Blue Fin Jigging and found a decent amount of life.  Ed Compta was the first to hook up with a quality size fish in the “over” category which he got to the boat in short order. Next up was Warren Bird from Madison, NJ with his first tuna on the Jig, forty minutes later a nice 80 pound class fish hit the deck. We already had our over so unfortunately after a couple of quick pictures we got him back in the water to fight another day. We had a nice steady pick all day and left them biting, we got the two big boys early and the rest were just your garden verity footballs but a lot of fun on the light tackle.  It’s only going to getting better from here on in so make your reservation now.


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