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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Striper Party Continues:
Striper fishing is still going strong and as long as the bait is here and the water temps stay low we should have continued good fishing well into July.  On days when the stripers are uncooperative we have been hitting the wrecks and finding Sea Bass, Ling and Cod but we have yet to see the drop and reel  fishing we’ve had in past years.  The divers however tell me that the wrecks are teeming with life but the water on the bottom is still very cold, my prediction is that the wreck fishing is going to bust wide open any day.  I’ve also have some very good intel that the Blue Fin Tuna have moved into the mid range grounds and are so thick that you can walk on them.  We are planning on a recon trip later this week to see what we can find. 

Check out the video of an all out blitz from a few weeks ago!



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