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Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring is in the air and we will be back on the water in no time taking advantage of the world class fishing that we enjoy up and down the Jersey coast. I'm happy to report that things are slowly getting back to normal here in Point Pleasant and the surrounding towns, in the aftermath of Sandy. More and more people are getting back into their homes and even more businesses are coming back on line. Make no mistake, the Storm greatly changed lives and landscape forever but most, if not all have vowed to say and rebuild.

The Princess made it through the storm with just a couple new dings and scratches. The crew and I are hard at work getting her ready for the season and she will be back in the water by mid-April.
Our normally busy fall was kind of lackluster due to obvious reasons but we did manage to get out a few times and both the stripers and tog were cooperative.



I typically pull the boat right after the 1st of the year but this year I stayed in a couple days longer and made a run out to the offshore wrecks in early January a was treated to drop and reel Giant Sea Bass.

Also in mid-September I made run offshore with good friend Captain John Wayne and his crew on the Green Stick boat Jamie Claire. It was one of those crazy good trips that you only dream about during the long cold winter months.



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